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Additional Lawn Services-Aerating by Advance Lawn Services in Hartford, WI

In addition to mowing, Advance Lawn Service Company offers several other lawn care services to maximize your lawn’s potential. The top additional lawn services outside of grass cutting are core aeration with overseeding and lawn repair. We help local home and business owners in the Hartford, Slinger, Jackson, Erin, and West Bend areas of SE Wisconsin have healthy and vibrant lawns.

We recommend lawn aeration and overseeding in the spring. Core aeration is the process of poking small holes in the lawn to allow oxygen and other nutrients a direct path to the root structure of your lawn. Overseeding immediately after aerating is also important if you want a thicker lawn with lots of new growth. These are the two top ways to improve your lawn in the spring and give your lawn the best chance for a great growing season. We encourage you to take your lawn to the next level this season and contact us to see what Advance Lawn Services Company can do for you!

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Additional Lawn Services

Lawn Aeration by Advance Lawn Services in Hartford WI

Lawn Aeration.

Lawn compaction is a real thing that can hinder the growth of your lawn. We recommend lawn aeration in the spring or fall to loosen up that compacted soil, and allow water and other nutrients to the roots of your lawn. Give your lawn the attention it needs and request a quote today.

Lawn Repair Dead Spots by Advance Lawn Services in Hartford WI

Lawn Repair & Fixing Dead Spots.

Pet stains and a buildup of thatch can cause dead spots that require lawn repair. This is not only unsightly but also is bad for the overall health of the lawn. Whatever the damage is from, we can analyze and repair the issue giving your lawn the consistent look that you deserve. Don’t let your lawn be an eyesore anymore! Request an estimate today!

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