Mosquito Control Service.

Mosquito Control Service - Advance Lawn Service CompanyEnjoy your outdoor space again! Nothing is more aggravating than a family event being ruined by a swarm of mosquitos. Advance Lawn Service will help you take control of your yard again. We provide complete insect and mosquito control in Hartford, Erin, Slinger and surrounding areas! How it works. We come out and treat areas that mosquitos live and lay eggs. These applications kill mosquitoes and their eggs on contact and prevents new mosquitoes from entering those areas. Each application is effective for 6 weeks.

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Our Mosquito Control Program.

Our mosquito control program consists of 4 applications throughout the summer. This gives your yard the consistent protection it needs. Each application lasts about 6 weeks, but may vary based upon precipitation.

  • 1st Visit Mosquito iconApplication #1
    Early May

  • 2nd Visit Mosquito iconApplication #2
    Mid-Late June

  • 3rd Visit Mosquito iconApplication #3
    Late July

  • 4th Visit Mosquito iconApplication #4
    Early Sept

Other Pests We Control

Japanese Beetles
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Flees
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Box Elders
  • Bees

We also offer a fully organic program!

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